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A solution to Combat COVID-19 together as a community

The government has announced that Retail Outlets / Location Owners are required to record visitors' information as reference for COVID-19 contact-tracing throughout the pandemic.

s Gov Annoucement Link

for Customer & Visitor

How it works?

visitor check-in step1

1. Scan QR Code

with any QR scanner. Or visit to enter location ID for check-in.

visitor check-in step2

2. Check-in

Complete form with personal details and proceed with check-in.

visitor check-in step3

3. Success!

You're done! Contactless, Fast, Hassle-free. No pen & paper.

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Fast Check-in

Verify email & enjoy fast check-in without filing up form again.

Info Privacy
Stay Hygienic
Safe Distance

for Business & Location Owner

How to Setup?

location owner step1

1. Register & Create Location

Register your Business Outlet / Location Profile & verify via email.

location owner step2

2. Print & Display Code

Allow Visitors to self check-in by scaning QR Code / input location #ID.

location owner step3

3. Automate Visitor Records

Export data on-demand. Access visitor log easily with Admin Dashboard.

location owner step4

#Contactless & Hygenic

No more pen & paper. Fast, Safe, Organized & Automated.

Visitor Satisfaction
Simple Process
Save Time & Effort
Sedia visitor registration

Who & where
is Sedia made for?

Business Retail Outlet
Cafe & Restaurant
Building & Housing
Work & Office
Public Checkpoints

Get instant notifications on potential exposure.

In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case, you will be notified if you came into close proximity of high risk areas recently based on your check-in history. You will also be able to identify potential risk of exposure every time you check-in to a location.

** Coming Soon **
Sedia contact-tracing

Frequently Ask Questions

  • How much do I need to pay ?

    Sedia's COVID-19 contact-tracing solution is completely free to use.

  • Are there Ads ?

    We do not run ads on Sedia's platform. All data will not be shared nor provided to any third-party for any sort of advertising or marketing purposes.

  • How do we process data ?

    All recorded visitor data will only be accessible to the specific owner of the location & the users themselves. Data will only be provided to relevant government / verified healthcare authorities in the event that it has been requested from the location owners.

  • What is Sedia's mission ?

    This is our humble effort to help control & combat the spread of the virus with data & analytics. With this goal in mind, we are striving to make this data easily accesible for both location owners & users by arming them with the right tool(s).

Sedia's Contactless Covid-19 Visitor-Tracing Solution

is made with ❤️ by the team behind HeyOmni

Visit HeyOmni
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